Minecraft Clubs

Our programs are ideal for schools, churches and families who are looking for a fresh and innovative way to teach the Bible.


VGM Minecraft Homeschool Club

VGM Minecraft Clubs

Our VGM Minecraft Clubs cater to elementary-age participants, offering an innovative approach to teaching the Bible through the most popular video game.  These programs are suitable for schools and churches seeking a fresh perspective on imparting essential lessons in leadership, community, and nurturing a relationship with Jesus. Led by experienced individuals, these clubs are designed to combine fun and learning seamlessly. 

Real Discipleship

We recognize the immense influence of video games in today's culture and aim to leverage this platform as a means of fostering discipleship and spiritual formation.

Biblical Literacy

By cultivating biblical literacy, we provide youth with a firm foundation for making godly choices, developing moral character, and living out their faith in the gaming community and beyond.

Leadership Development

Our program combines practical leadership principles with biblical values to provide a holistic approach to leadership development.


Video games can help develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and social skills when played in moderation.

Video games can be addictive, and we promote healthy gaming habits by setting limits, taking breaks, and balancing gaming with other activities.