Fortnite Competitive Club

Experience Fortnite like never before – where victory isn’t just about the last player standing, but about the lasting impact we make on each other’s lives.

Welcome to the VGM Fortnite Competitive Club

At the intersection of faith and gaming, we’ve created a vibrant community that combines the thrill of Fortnite with the values of respect, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. Our clubs aren’t just about battles and victories; it’s about building connections and character.

We believe that gaming can be more than just a pastime – it’s an opportunity to inspire and uplift. The VGM Fortnite Competitive Club is founded on Christian principles of compassion, teamwork, and positivity. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, you’ll find a supportive environment where everyone is valued.

eSports Team Huddling

Fortnite Competitive Club



Video game ministries offers budget-friendly rates for faith-based tournaments and events.


Video games can help develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and social skills when played in moderation.

Video games can be addictive, and we promote healthy gaming habits by setting limits, taking breaks, and balancing gaming with other activities.