The Future of Gaming + Discipleship

The Future of Gaming +


Our ministry has been uniquely designed to reach gamers in the digital spaces they inhabit.

Why Video Game Ministries ?

We take a ministry first approach with all that we’ve done and continue to do.

Multiple Titles

We provide multiple game options for various game titles.


We provide a holistic approach to leadership development.

Real Discipleship

We're focused on discipleship and spiritual formation.


We strive to make our programs affordable for all.

A Play With a Purpose Movement

Joining the VGM community means joining a movement… We’re here to share the light of Jesus in dark digital spaces. We have created a culture that is encouraging not toxic and welcoming not exclusive. Through our clubs and events, we aim to create faith-filled experiences that go beyond the virtual world.

Reaching Homes. Changing Lives.

One of the primary goals of VGM is to be an arrow in the quiver of next-generation ministries everywhere. The traditional model of the church is to get people out of their homes and into church. Through avenues like YouTube and video games, we actually have the ability to appropriately get into the homes of the families we minister to. 

Sure it sounds a little weird but the video game streamer that does not believe in Jesus gets into your youth’s home. The toxic guy who swears all the time has thousands of watch hours from your students’ devices. Generation Z goes to YouTube for answers more than anywhere else.

That is why we host daily YouTube live streams to create a safe and family-friendly community on the games that your youth play. We go through Bible Studies together, pray together, and ultimately get into the trenches of video games together. 


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Feedback From Our Partners

Working with Pastor Jared of Video Game Ministries has been such a blessing to our school and students! It has been awesome to see the students excited about growing deeper in their walk with the Lord as they have participated in this fun and engaging program. We look forward to working with this ministry for many years to come!

Michelle Misiano

Principal, Calvary Christian Academy

I have known Pastor Jared of Video Game Ministries for over 10 years. I trust his heart and his leadership. We are watching VGM reach and disciple kids who aren’t always met with traditional ministry models. They are innovating and taking ground for the Kingdom. We have partnered with VGM and certainly recommend that you so the same!

Ryan McDermott
Ryan McDermott

Executive Director of Family Ministry at Christ Fellowship Church.

When I first heard about VGM I will admit, I was skeptical. Jared is a personal friend of mine and I wanted to believe it was a good idea but I just didn’t see it. After hosting VGM for a couple of events at the Christ Fellowship campus I look after, and seeing the swarms of boys and men of all ages, I’m a believer! This new ministry idea of using video games to reach people for Christ is a winning idea!

Pastor Travis O'Neal
Pastor Travis O'Neal

Campus Pastor at Christ Fellowship Church

As a female youth pastor in Youth ministry for over a decade I’m always looking for ways to build bridges with the males in the youth group. Video Game Ministries has given me an outlet and resource to have a deeper connection and relationship with not only the guys but also girls who enjoy video games. It also is an incredible resource and ministry for parents of gamers. I’m grateful for VGM because it brings a light and a place where many of our students spend their time and instead of fighting it, we get to be a part of it and watch kids meet Jesus through it.

Ashley Murphy
Ashley Murphy

Youth Pastor at Memorial Presbyterian


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We are trusted by impactful organizations who recognize the transformative power of video game ministries.